Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)

During the one-year duration of “Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English)” trade a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge, and Employability skill related to job role. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work and extracurricular activities to build up confidence. The broad components covered under Professional Skill subject are as below:- The trainee learns about safety and environment, use of Stenographer Secretarial Assistant English, artificial respiratory resuscitation to begin with. He/she gets the idea about the computer hardware & its peripherals, classify the consonants & its direction /joining the consonants, distinguish between long & short vowels, Describe Logograms, Grammalogues Contraction & use of ‘the’ /punctuation mark. Understand Diphthong, Prepare Windows operating system on computer, Compare all types of alternative forms & recognize the finger positioning on the computer keyboard, Compare all types of alternative forms & recognize the finger positioning on the computer keyboard, Recognize the direction of SHR & SHL, Observed curved hooked strokes and compound consonant, Recognize Final Hooks, Recognize Final Hooks, List the prefixes, List the suffixes, Identify the monetary units & use it. Also includes shorthand, translation, and note taking techniques and applies on computer for speed typing in MS-Word. The trainee will be able to experiment the MS-Excel, Label the office layout, Name the dispatch and diary register &maintain computer from virus effect, Identify all types of file &prepare MS-Power point, Demonstrate MS-PowerPoint Presentation, Create E-Mail ID, correspondence through mail, filling up online forms and documents for registration etc., booking tickets for rail, bus, air and hotels, Identify all types of official tools & equipments, Observe all types of postal services, Prepare all types of letters, notice, agenda, minutes, reports, circular & memorandum. Trainees will able to maintain calendar of event and general Banking Correspondence


One Year


Level 4



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